About Palaemon

The project

PALAEMON proposes the development and evaluation of a sophisticated evacuation system, based on a radical redesign of the evacuation process. The PALAEMON ecosystem consists of components providing real-time access to and common schemes for the representation of ship data, to formulate the appropriate evacuation strategies which optimize the operational execution and monitoring of the evacuation process on damaged or flooded vessels. The intelligent ecosystem of PALAEMON incorporates innovative technologies for early sensing of an emergency (detecting, preventing and facing any issue and potential harm arising from physical and or man-made accidents and disasters), the instant identification of the passengers and crew location location (in the case an emergency becoming a reason for launching the evacuation process), the interaction with them through emergency and feedback messaging mechanisms (via their mobile phones), the real-time monitoring of the move of the passengers to muster stations and the evacuation areas, their counting, as well as the handling of issues and accidents (injuries, passengers trapped in a specific area) during the evolution of the evacuation process. These will be integrated into an independent, smart situation-awareness and guidance system for sustaining an active evacuation route for passengers, making emergency response in passenger ships more accountable and efficient. CFinally, the PALAEMON ecosystem includes the new standard for data exchange with the land-based control authorities (VDES).


Since maritime disasters in recent years are a stark reminder of the imperative need for timely and effective evacuation of large passenger ships during emergency the aim of this project is to maximize the effectiveness and performance of passenger evacuation during an emergency and/or a serious incident, by combining the expertise of stakeholders from the field, such as ship operators, classification societies, academic and reserach institutions, technology providers and research institutes, international networks in maritime and key industry drivers