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PALAEMON is a holistic and innovative approach to ship evacuation, focusing on developing: a) a mass centralized evacuation system, based on the design of an adaptable Mass Evacuation Vessel (MEV) and, b) an intelligent ecosystem of critical components providing real-time access to data collected from various ship sources, and a common data representation scheme, and a redesign of the evacuation process that uses these data to optimize operational planning, execution and evacuation monitoring in real-time.

Core constructs of the project are the MEV’s, the interconnected ICT infrastructure, and the Smart Evacuation Management Platform (SEM Platform). This platform can be flexibly deployed onboard a vessel to obtain significant improvements in the performance of the evacuation process in passenger ships (Ro-Pax etc.), and considerably increase the safety of the passengers and the crew.

The PALAEMON ICT component has been successfully deployed over ELYROS F/B, a ship of ANEK Lines, and tested for a period of 5 weeks (Dec 2022 – Jan 2023). The pilot development took place during the time the ship was docked at the Port of Piraeus, Greece.


PALAEMON brings together the key components of the value chain, from the collection of user requirements, to the iterative development and validation of the system’s technical specifications & the performance of pilot demonstrations and integration tests, and the involved user groups, to propose a new process model for the ship evacuation based. It leverages the potential of digitization and real-time process monitoring to streamline evacuation operations, to obtain significant improvements in the performance of the evacuation process in passenger ships.


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