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Palaemon is a holistic and ground-breaking approach to ship evacuation. By designing an innovative and adaptive Mass Evacuation Vessel (MEV) and harnessing the power of the latest ICT advances a novel evacuation system will be compiled.


Core constructs of the project are the MEV’s, the ICT infrastructure, the Decision Support System (DSS) and the fresh approach to evacuation procedures. The project will increase the usable areas of the ships by designing MEV’s that can be repurposed as needed, provide a grounded DSS to assist decision-makers in fulfilling their role and saving time and enhance evacuation procedures significantly. Finally, and most importantly, it will increase safety for the passengers, crew and other stakeholders whilst broadening the inclusion spectrum to people with special needs


Aiming high for safety, efficiency and sustainability.


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Work Packages

Step by step plan for achieving our goal to deliver the safest, most efficient and innovative evacuation ecosystem for seafarers.


PALAEMON brings together all stakeholders of the value chain; from the collection of user requirements, to the iterative development and validation of the system’s technical specifications & the performance of pilot demonstrations and integrity tests, the involved user groups – ship operators, citizens, first responders, crisis managers, resource/ infrastructure managers, and public agencies – will be integral cogs.


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